Круглый стол “Национальные Туристические Офисы о перспективах открытия своих стран после пандемии”

Члены АНТОР (Представители НТО) и участники выставки KITF в рамках диалога и прямых выступлений поделились опытом с казахстанскими коллегами по восстановлению индустрии туризма в разных странах.

30 june 2020, the OPT office of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Mitur) for Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East (GCC) countries and Turkey with headquarters in the Republic of Kazakhstan have participated with ANTOR members (NTO representatives) and KITF exhibition participants, through dialogue and direct presentations, share experiences with Kazakhstani colleagues on restoring the tourism industry in different countries.

During the interventions by the OPT and another participants were presented news of their destinations, as well as shared their opinions on the future of tourism, global trends, new realities and image of the new tourist of the post-epidemic era.


Июн 30 2020


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